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//    $Id: jmlib.h,v 1.8 2004/08/28 19:54:25 chunky Exp $    

 * JMLib - Portable JuggleMaster Library
 * Version 2.0
 * (C) Per Johan Persson 2000-2002, Gary Briggs 2003
 * Based on JuggleMaster Version 1.60
 * Copyright (c) 1995-1996 Ken Matsuoka
 * You may redistribute and/or modify JMLib under the terms of the
 * Modified BSD License as published in various places online or in the
 * COPYING.jmlib file in the package you downloaded.
 * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
 * WITHOUT  ANY  WARRANTY;  without   even  the  implied  warranty  of
 * Modified BSD License for more details.

#ifndef JM__HDR_
#define JM__HDR_

//#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>
//#include <math.h>
#include <string.h>

// time.h is not available for Windows CE / Pocket PC,
// Use the MFC functions
#ifdef _WIN32_WCE
#include <afxwin.h>
// All other platforms are assumed to support the time.h header
#include <time.h>

//#include <malloc.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

#include "jmlib_types.h"
#include "util.h"
#include "validator.h"
#include "patterns.h"

// Misc. macros
#ifndef max
#define max(a,b) ((a)>(b)?(a):(b))

#ifndef min
#define min(a,b) ((a)<(b)?(a):(b))

#define jijo(x) ((x)*(x))

#ifndef NULL
#define NULL ((void*)0)

// For status
#define ST_NONE         0
#define ST_PAUSE  1
#define ST_JUGGLE 2

// Misc. constants
#define KW 0.25
#define XR 1024L
#define DW 290               // max of dpm

// max number of balls
#ifdef BALLS_MAX_35
#define BMAX 35
#define BMAX 630

#define LMAX 76              // max column of a pattern
 // MMAX 11
#define MMAX 71              // Max multiplex, double+1
#define OBJECT_HAND   0x01
#define OBJECT_UNDER  0x02
#define OBJECT_MOVE   0x04
#define OBJECT_MOVE2  0x08
#define STYLEMAX 3000        // maximum length of style data

#define JML_MAX_NAMELEN  56
#define JML_MAX_SITELEN  56
#define JML_MAX_STYLELEN 500
#define SPEED_MAX 2.0F
#define SPEED_MIN 0.1F
#define SPEED_DEF 1.0F
#define HR_MAX 1.00F
#define HR_MIN 0.04F
#define HR_DEF 0.17F
#define DR_MAX 0.90F
#define DR_MIN 0.10F
#define DR_DEF 0.50F
#define FS_MAX 10
#define FS_MIN 1
#define FS_DEF 1

typedef void (ERROR_CALLBACK)(JML_CHAR*);

struct ball {
  JML_INT32 bh;       // throw height
  JML_INT32 gx, gy;   // (x,y) position
  JML_INT32 gx0, gy0; // previous position
  JML_INT32 gx1, gy1; // ???
  JML_INT32 c;        // ???
  JML_INT32 c0;       // ???
  JML_INT32 chand;    // catching hand (0-left, 1-right)
  JML_INT32 thand;    // throwing hand (0-left, 1-right)
  JML_INT32 st;       // object status (OBJECT_HAND etc.)

struct arm {
  JML_INT32 rx[6], ry[6]; // coordinates of the right arm
  JML_INT32 lx[6], ly[6]; // coordinates of the left arn
  JML_INT32 hx, hy, hr;   // coordinates of the head

struct hand {
  JML_INT32 rx[10], ry[10]; // polygon for the right hand
  JML_INT32 lx[10], ly[10]; // polygon for the left hand

// The JMLib class
class JMLib {
  // read-only (add access methods)
  struct arm ap;
  struct ball rhand,lhand;
  struct hand handpoly;
  struct ball b[BMAX];
  JML_INT32 dpm;
  JML_INT32 balln;
  JML_INT32 gx_max, gx_min, gy_max, gy_min;
  JML_INT32 imageWidth, imageHeight;
  // read-write
  JML_INT32 status;
  JML_INT32 bm1;
  JML_INT32 arm_x;
  JML_INT32 arm_y;
  JML_INT32 hand_x;
  JML_INT32 hand_y;
  JML_INT32 horCenter, verCenter;
  JML_CHAR* styledata;
  JML_INT32 style_len;
  JML_FLOAT dwell_ratio;
  JML_FLOAT height_ratio;
  JML_INT32 base;
  JML_INT32 mirror;
  JML_UINT32 time_count;
  JML_INT32 time_period;
  JML_FLOAT speed;
  JML_INT32 beep;
  JML_INT32 syn;
  JML_INT32 hand_on;
  JML_INT32 fpu;
  JML_INT32 tw;
  JML_INT32 aw;
  JML_INT32 pmax;
  JML_INT32 patt[LMAX][MMAX];
  JML_INT32 patts[LMAX];
  JML_INT32 pattw;
  JML_INT32 r[LMAX*2];
  JML_FLOAT smode;
  JML_INT32 high0[BMAX+1];
  JML_FLOAT high[BMAX+1];
  JML_INT32 kw0;       // XR/KW [m]
  // JML_INT32 frameSkip; // frameskip counter
  JML_CHAR siteswap[JML_MAX_SITELEN]; // The current siteswap
  JML_CHAR pattname[LMAX]; // The name of the current pattern
  JML_CHAR stylename[JML_MAX_NAMELEN]; // The name of the current style
  JML_INT8 steps[LMAX]; // used to print the site on screen
  JML_CHAR **possible_styles; // Contains list of all possible styles
  JML_INT32 num_possible_styles; // Number of possible styles

  void (*mCallback)(void *, JML_CHAR *);
  void *mUData;
  JML_BOOL use_cpp_callback;

  // internal methods
  JML_INT32 ctod(JML_CHAR c);
  void hand_pos(JML_INT32 c, JML_INT32 h, JML_INT32* x, JML_INT32* z);
  JML_INT32 juggle(struct ball *);
  void set_dpm(void);
  JML_INT32 set_ini(JML_INT32 rr);
  JML_INT32 set_patt(JML_CHAR* w);
  void xbitset(void);
  void arm_line(void);
  void applyCorrections(void);
  void doStepcalc(void);
  // The juggler class contains all data neccesary for drawing
  //Juggler juggler;
  // Constructor / Destructor

  void initialize();
  void shutdown();

  void setErrorCallback(ERROR_CALLBACK* _cb);
  void setErrorCallback(void *aUData, void (*aCallback)
                        (void *, JML_CHAR *));
  void error(JML_CHAR* msg);

  JML_BOOL setPattern(JML_CHAR* name, JML_CHAR* site, JML_FLOAT hr = HR_DEF, JML_FLOAT dr = DR_DEF);
  JML_BOOL setStyle(JML_CHAR* name, JML_UINT8 length, JML_INT8* data, JML_INT32 offset = 0);
  JML_BOOL setStyle(JML_CHAR* name);
  JML_CHAR **getStyles(void);
  JML_INT32 numStyles();
  void setPatternDefault(void);
  void setStyleDefault(void);

  void setHR(JML_FLOAT HR);
  JML_FLOAT getHR();
  void setDR(JML_FLOAT DR);
  JML_FLOAT getDR();
  // repeat for all toggleable settings

  // toggle Z coordinate calculation on and off
  void calculateZ(JML_BOOL flag); 

  // different scaling methods
  void setScalingMethod(/* ??? */);

  void startJuggle(void);
  void stopJuggle(void);
  void togglePause(void);
  void setPause(JML_BOOL pauseOn = true);
  JML_INT32  getStatus(void);

  JML_INT32 doJuggle(void);

  // JML_BOOL setFrameskip(JML_INT32 fs);
  JML_BOOL setWindowSize(JML_INT32 width, JML_INT32 height);
  void setMirror(JML_BOOL mir = true);

  JML_CHAR* getSite(void) { return siteswap; }
  JML_CHAR* getPattName(void) { return pattname; }
  JML_CHAR* getStyle(void) { return stylename; }

  JML_INT32 getImageWidth(void) { return imageWidth; }
  JML_INT32 getImageHeight(void) { return imageHeight; }

  void speedUp(void);
  void speedDown(void);
  void speedReset(void);

  JML_CHAR getSiteposStart(void) {
    return steps[time_period];

  JML_CHAR getSiteposStop(void) {
    if (syn) return steps[time_period+2];
    else     return steps[time_period+1];

  JML_INT32 getSiteposLen(void) {
    return getSiteposStop() - getSiteposStart();

  JML_INT32 getiterations(void) {
    return (dpm); /* FIXME */


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